TIQUES , Joan Rubió.


After having been at Recaredo for 15 years, climbing up to become the Technical Director and introducing biodynamic principles, Joan started his own venture on family vineyards in Catalonia, Spain, in 2015.
The family estate spans 9 hectares and is located in the Catalan municipalities of Santa Margarida i els Monjos, Castellví de la Marca and Vilafranca del Penedès:
4,3 has of Xarel·lo;
1,4 has of Macabeu.
1 ha of Tempranillo.
0,8 has ofMonastrell.
0,7 has of Malvasia de Sitges. 0,6 has of Sumollred.
0,3 has de Sumoll white.

The grapes of the current wines are Xarel.lo, Macabeu, Sumoll white and Monastrell. In future new kinds will be introduced: Malvas de Sitges, and the following reds: Tempranillo and Sumoll.

In addition to still wines, high-­‐quality Ancestral wines are now available,made from Xarel.lo and Monastrell grapes.

Tiques is inscribed at the CCPAE, the Catalan governing body of organic farming,  and uses ecological and bio-­dynamic methods exclusively.

All grapes are hand picked in 15 kg crates and afterwards meticulously selected on a selection table. The grapes are macerated wit the skins for a certain amount of days and the wine is obtained by free flow; no pressing is done. No clarification substances are added in order to respect the integrity of the wine. The crystal clear appearance of the wines is achieved though natural sedimentation. The amount of sulfites that are added is extremely low or even zero (Tiques).
Processing takes place though different means; stainless steel vessels, and/or 500 liter French and American oak barrels, and/or re or white clay amphoras. Great care is taken to determine the time of exposure.

With all wines, the aim is to create a unique acidity while maintaining fruit. The alcohol percentage is not a goal as such, it is a resulandthelevelisquitelow,10-­‐11,5%


Tiques 2017 Essencial 2017 Joanots 2017 Obstinat 2015
Variety 100% Xarel.lo 100% Xarel.lo 100% Macabeu 100% Xarel.lo
Process 8 days skin maceration

3 weeks French/American oak 3 months red clay amphora

10 days skin maceration

3 months French/American oak

11 days skin maceration

3 weeks white clay amphora

18 days skin maceration

3 weeks French/American oak

2 years of ageing in bottle

Characteristics intense floral aromas, citric fruits, tension of salt,

long finish

intense floral aromas, fresh, crisp, long finish intense fruit aromas, long acidic finish silky, intense floral aromas, complex, long finish
Quantity 670 bottles 5.530 bottles 1.080 bottles 1.960 bottles
Alcohol 11,0% 11,5% 10,0% 11,0%
Remarks Expression of a Xarel·lo from a single field of 0,5 ha with a deep and loamy clay and calcareous structure. Interpretation of a Xarel·lo from 3 separate fields with varying grades of loamy clay and calcareous structures. A Macabeu from a single field of 0,5 ha with a very deep and loamy clay and calcareous structure. Extraction of a Xarel·lo from a single field of 0,8 ha with a shallow and loamy clay and very calcareous structure.